starting winter 2021/2022

Get your heart lead, purpose driven business started.

Are you an artist, healer, educator, crafter, a heart lead creative? You have a vision, a mission and a desire to follow your heart? Let me help you with the less pleasant stuff . I will teach you how to get out there, show up behind your brand with confidence, and make income out of your passion.

Get insights on how to create, market, and sell your product or service as a creative with confidence and the right mindset. You can make it happen.

There are two main things keeping you away from turning your passion into income. The business kind of mindset and your confidence. I figured it out and now I'm teaching you everything I know.

The time has come. And it is here and now.

This online course will give you insights on how to create, market, and sell your product or service by developing a business mindset and having confidence to pull it through.

This course is for you if you have an idea, a product, a service that could help others and bring a positive change, but you...

  • are afraid of showing up behind your work
  • doubt your worth
  • don't have selling skills
  • think marketing is a conspiracy theory
  • feel fear of negative comments and looking stupid
  • doubting what people will think of you
  • think there is a ton of others doing the same as you
  • suffer of imposter syndrome
  • not even sure how to start?

I got you covered. (I've been there). Sign up and get your doubts resolved.

The one online course you need to get started.

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